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Contact Lenses

Am I a candidate for contact lens wear?

Almost anyone can wear contact lenses- if they want to.  There are certain ocular conditions that require specialty contact lenses, or that may prevent contact lens wear all together.  The good news is, our doctors can determine candidacy at your initial visit!  Depending on the situation and maturity level, we can fit children as young as 10 years old.  There is otherwise no age restrictions for contact lens wear.  If you're interested in simply changing your eye color- we have options available!  If you've been in the same contact lens brand for many years and want to try something new- our doctors are happy to find something for you!  Dr Kish prides himselve on sharing his knowledge with you, educating you on the healthiest options for your eyes and the best ways to take care of the contact lenses (and therefore, your eyes).  

Will my insurance cover my contact lens appointment?

There are multiple vision plans that will cover all or a portion of the contact lens exam fee.  At Optics Unlimited, we currently do not accept these vision plans.  We charge $60 for a contact lens evaluation for established wearers and $125 for brand new wearers.  Charges may increase slightly based on the complexity of the fitting for your individual eyes.  If you have a flex spending or health savings account, you may be able to submit the cost to them for reimbursement.  

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