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Eye Exams

Why is an eye exam important?

Having your eyes examined is more important than most people realize.  Quality of life can be changed dramatically if your eyes are not able to function properly and your vision is impacted.  At Optics Unlimited, we believe in preventative care.  Not only can you come to us with specific ocular or visual complaints, but when you have no complaints or concerns about your eyes at all, we are just as happy to ensure your ocular health is as it should be.  Problems can arise without any warning signs, until it is too late.  

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Family Eye Care & Unique Eyewear

Your one stop shop for eye exams, eyewear and accessories.

Optics Unlimited offers your family and friends exceptional quality, unique fashion, and the highest definition optics. Please feel welcome to come in and browse.

Excellent vision is too often taken for granted. Only when you have trouble seeing street signs at night or can't make out the words in a book does the issue come clearly to the foreground. If you are encountering vision problems or just want to give your clear eyes a clean bill of health, seek out the professionals at Optics Unlimited.

Dr. Kish give you the best, most complete offering of eye care solutions available. Whether you're looking for help with dry-eye management or need an evaluation for any number of medical conditions that may affect your vision, we can give you the knowledgeable support and caring assistance you need. We have an extensive selection of unique prescription eyewear and sunglasses available for all of your eyewear needs.

What we're known for

Optics Unlimited's eyewear boutique is known for offering the most unique, up to the minute frames in the area. No need to travel to NYC or Boston to try the "coolest" styles . With over 500 frames to choose from, the opticians at Optics Unlimited will transform your look for you.