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Why shop local?

Why shop local?

Why shop local?

You can feel good about buying local

 1. Service: Locally owned businesses know the value of service.  We strive to give the best customer care possible.  You are our friends and our neighbors and we care about you.

2. Community investment/jobs: Local businesses help your community by creating jobs and make up one of the larger employers nationwide.  Local businesses, like Optics Unlimited, also support non-profit groups in your area- with your help and support, we're able to give back in a great way.

3. We are a unique town: Where we shop, live, and play makes us who we are.  Locally owned business like Optics Unlimited add to the character of our environment.  Small town "Main Street" gives everyone a good feeling.

4. Taxes: Local businesses pay local taxes and therefore support their communities in many ways (schools, police, roads, etc).  Your dollars are recycled back into the community, adding value to your neighborhood.

5. Buy what you want: Not being a "big box store," Optics Unlimited can provide you with the products that you need.  We are concerned about your and not a national sales plan.  We also have much more control over the products we offer- ensuring the quality and value of the options we offer you.  Optics Unlimited has been a familiar optical shop that has been serving Groton for over 30  years- we are your neighbors and stand by our products.

6. Support yourself and strengthen the economy: Your money will stay local when you choose to buy at a local store.  This domino effect will preserve your town and American jobs.  Optics Unlimited strives to use local lens fabricating labs and we buy our supplies locally too!

Join us in buying local!